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Out in Africa

2014 unfortunately saw the last Out in Africa gay and lesbian film festival in South Africa – even with support from the Other Foundation. As a result of the changing arts and media environment and shifting patterns of community support for the festival, Out in Africa has had to adapt its strategies to achieve its mission.

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Intersex in Botswana

Being intersex probably has the most far-reaching gender-related impact on a person – yet is least spoken about amongst human rights activists focused on gender identity and sexual orientation. With a R10,000 grant from the Other Foundation, Skipper Mogapi explored the attitudes, beliefs, knowledge gaps, and secrecy that surrounds intersex issues in Botswana.

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Building Lesbian Resilience

Young lesbians in southern Africa navigate intersecting racial, cultural, gendered, sexual, generational, religious and professional identities. Being in the midst of this nexus that reflects several layers of oppression can be very disempowering. Organisations such as Women’s Leadership Centre (WLC) in Namibia are supporting young lesbians to develop greater self-awareness, solidarity, and resilience.

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Building from a Social Base

Churches play a big part in shaping people’s beliefs, moral judgements, and actions. The KwaZulu-Natal Council of Churches (KZNCC) recognizes this responsibility. To prevent homophobic discrimination, exclusion, and violence, it has sent out fieldworkers to hold community dialogues about sexuality and spirituality.

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