The pink Rand is a term which has gained momentum among marketers since the nineties. However, the concept has grown to not just represent the spending power of the LGBTI community, but their influence across social circles and constructs as both a social grouping and economic segment.

This paper looks into the pink Rand as a means to engage corporate South Africa in the drive to foster more diversity with respect to the LGBTI community.

In this report we find that in South Africa, the value of the pink Rand is between R53 billion and R204 billion. Putting this in context, according to a PwC report, the big four banks in South Africa recorded profits amounting to R72,3 billion in 2015. This is a clear display of the force of the pink Rand in South Africa.

Click here to download a copy of The pink Rand, a report prepared for the Other Foundation and PLUS. The LGBTI+ Business Network, by Nascence Advisory.
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