In the context of growing, visible and tangible progress in justice for LGBTI people in the African faith  landscape – particularly African churches – and the resulting backlash against these gains, this paper explores a possible theology for liberation of LGBTI people in the African context. It is a theology by LGBTI people for LGBTI people emanating from their lived experiences which are often negatively identified by the term ‘isitabane.’

Stabanisation is a body of narratives from the authors who self-identify as izitabane, interwoven into a call for theology that is life-affirming within faith landscapes, and a remembrance of our communal identity.

This paper was presented at Breaking Through the Backlash: Transformative Encounters Between LGBTI People and Churches in Africa, a gathering convened by the Other Foundation in partnership with Durban’s Diakonia Council of Churches and the Durban Lesbian and Gay Centre in Durban, South Africa.

Click here to download a copy of Stabanisation: A discussion paper about disrupting backlash by recliaming LGBTI voices in the African church landscape.
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