Namaqualand Daisy grants are for individuals only, including activists, artists, researchers and others. The maximum grant is ZAR 10,000 for work lasting up to 12 months.

Inyosi or Honey Bee grants are for smaller organizations that want support for a small project or to get started. The maximum grant is ZAR 50,000 over 12 months.

Hungwe or Fish Eagle grants are for established organizations that need support for a project. The maximum grant is ZAR 200,000 over 18 months.

Mosu or Umbrella Tree grants are for core support to anchor organizations working at a national or regional level. The maximum grant is ZAR 500,000 over 24 months.



All the concept proposals received will be assessed by an independent panel made up of peers of grant applicants. These peer reviewers will recommend the concept proposals that will be taken to the second stage of the grant making process. 

In the second stage of the grant-making process, the recommended applicants will be invited to develop a full grant proposal for submission to the Other Foundation’s board of trustees for funding. The board of trustees will make the final decision about grant allocations. 

Grants Allocated

The Foundation is pleased to announce the grants that were allocated in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 rounds of grant making.

Namaqualand Daisy Grants: ZAR199,699


Skipper Priska Mogapi: Research “Intersex within Botswana culture”,
Botswana – ZAR10,000

Glenda Muzenda: Photo exhibition “We have always been here”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

John Ng’oma: “We are also human beings”,
Malawi – ZAR10,000.

Michael Kaiyatsa, Booklet “Challenging prejudice in Malawi”,
Malawi – ZAR10,000

Mbongeni Mtshali: Theatre play “In(s)kin”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Laurie Gaum: Book “Queer Liberation Theology”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Robert Hamblin: Photo exhibition “The Sistaaz Hood”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Zethu Matebeni: Research “Female gender and non-conformity in Swaziland”,
South Africa/Swaziland – ZAR10,000

Tapiwa Praise Mapuranga: Research “Strange bedfellows? Christianity and Homosexuality in Zimbabwe”,
Zimbabwe – ZAR10,000

Phindiwe Masalaza: Documentary “HIV in the Lesbian Community”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Selogadi Ngwanangwato Mapane: Theatre play “Chromotherapy”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000


Lwando Scott: Research “Same-sex Marriage in South Africa”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Tiffany Mugo: “Sexy Safety: Making Sex Safe for Women who have Sex with Women”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Siphumeze Kundayi: “This is Me: Picturing South African Queers”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Lindy-Lee Prince: Research “Creating Persons, Performing Selves – Unmasking Drag and Neo-Burlesque Perfomance”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000


Jade Jacobs: Masters Dissertation “The Lesbian Perspective on Religion in South Africa”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Patience Mandishona: Journal “My Realities: Zimbabwean Lesbian Narratives”,
Zimbabwe – ZAR10,000

Jo Rogge: Photo exhibition “Photograph Me: How We See Ourselves and How We Are Seen”,
Namibia – ZAR10,000

Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile: Photo exhibition “TransFormations: Stories Unfold”,
Botswana – ZAR9,699

Gabrielle Le Roux: Audio Visual Project “Co-creating African Intersex (Hi)story”,
South Africa – ZAR10,000

Queers on Smash: Event “Black Queer Social”,
South Africa – ZAR7,500



Inyosi / Honey Bee Grants: ZAR955,000


Ikasi Pride: Increasing visibility of Pride in townships,
Port Elizabeth – ZAR30,000

Rainbow UCT: University based organising,
Cape Town – ZAR50,000

Infinity Art Project: Art Exhibition with education outreach,
Cape Town – ZAR30,000

University of Zimbabwe, Department of Religious Studies: Curriculum mainstreaming in theological education, Harare: ZAR25,000

Khumbulani Pride: Community engagement,
Cape Town – R30,000

Horses Head Productions: Play “Similar To”,
Cape Town – R10,000


Friends of Rainka: Closing in on trans health issues,
Zambia – ZAR50,000

Success Capital: Queer Awakening – Newfound Economic, Social & Human Rights in Botswana,
Botswana – ZAR50,000

PaKasipiti Zimbabwe: The Voice, Visibility & Collective Initiative,
Zimbabwe – ZAR50,000

Gender Equity Unite, University of the Western Cape: Creating a safe and inclusive campus,
South Africa – ZAR50,000

Rock of Hope: Human rights and legal outreach project,
Swaziland – ZAR50,000

Metropolitan Community Church: The Micah Project,
South Africa – ZAR50,000

Department of Religious Studies, University of Zimbabwe: Same-sex relationships in Zimbabwe – Promoting Dialogue with religious leaders,
Zimbabwe – ZAR50,000

University of the Witswatersrand: Destabilising heteronormativity in institutions of higher learning,
South Africa – ZAR50,000

Voice of the Voiceless: National level advocacy for feminists in Bulawayo,
Zimbabwe – ZAR50,000


Y-Fem Namibia: Self-defence and violence prevention for lesbians,
Namibia – ZAR50,000

Protea Psychological Support Project for Trans People: Core funding,
South Africa – ZAR50,000

Wings to Transcend Namibia: Project Hope,
Namibia – ZAR50,000

Civil Rights Advocacy Centre: Inclusive church,
Malawi – ZAR50,000

Women’s Alliance for Equality: Start-up of Women’s Alliance for Equality,
Zambia – ZAR50,000

Gays and Lesbians of Rustenburg: Trans visibility in semi-urban and rural areas,
South Africa – ZAR50,000

Institute for Humanities in Africa: Queer in Africa – The Cape Town question,
South Africa – ZAR50,000

Hungwe / Fish Eagle Grants: ZAR4,121,647


KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council: Challenging religious fundamentalism and improving how the council of churches is dealing with homophobia,
Durban – ZAR200,000

Victorious Ministries Church International: Camp Victory for children of LGBTI people,
Pietermaritzburg – ZAR150,000

Passop: LGBTI migrants and refugees,
Cape Town – ZAR150,000

SHE: Regional feminist leadership meeting,
East London – ZAR150,000

Women’s Leadership Centre: Continuing work on feminism and lesbians,
Namibia – ZAR150,000

Malawi Northern Youth Network: Empowering LGBTI youth,
Malawi – ZAR150,000

Centre for the Development of People: Dialogues,
Malawi – ZAR150,000


Malawi Law Society: Access to Justice for LGBTI people in Malawi,
Malawi – ZAR100,000

Sexual Rights Centre: Creating enabling space for dialogue to foster acceptance of LGBT people in Bulawayo,
Zimbabwe – ZAR200,000

Rainbow Identity Association: Sports and gender,
Botswana – ZAR150,000

Lawyers for Human Rights: Advancing the human rights of forced migrant LGBTI people,
South Africa – ZAR100,000

Collectif Arc-en-Ciel: Multi-sectoral approach for the empowerment of LGBT people in Mauritius,
Mauritius – ZAR196,647

GALZ: Community empowerment project,
Zimbabwe – ZAR200,000

The People’s Matrix Association: Core support,
Lesotho – ZAR100,000

Gender Links: Regional network for gender and diversity,
South Africa – ZAR200,000

Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana  (LEGABIBO): Strengthening LGBTI support groups in Botswana,
Botswana – ZAR100,000

S.H.E Collective of Transgender Women in Africa: Exploring the socio-economic landscape for transgender women in South Africa,
South Africa – ZAR75,000

TULINAM – Celebrating Diversity: Reaching Faith Communities in Namibia,
Namibia – ZAR150,000

National Alliance for the Development of Community Advice Offices (NADCAO): Utilising community advice offices as a resource for advancing the rights of the LGBTI community,
South Africa – ZAR200,000


The Lotus Identity: Alliance building for effective advocacy on lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women issues,
Zambia – ZAR150,000

Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme: U Bva Kha Tshidzumbe – Shedding the taboo,
South Africa – ZAR150,000

Iranti-org: Documentary film – South African Trans Lives,
South Africa – ZAR150,000

GALZ: Encouraging the uptake of health services by women who have sex with women in Zimbabwe,
Zimbabwe – ZAR150,000

Rainbow Identity Association: Hands Off our Intersex Genitals,
Botswana – ZAR150,000

LAMBDA: Diferentes mas Iguais,
Mozambique – ZAR150,000

Ezaka Boeny: Soigner et Protéger les Gays et les Transgenres,
Madagascar – ZAR150,000

Women’s Leadership Centre: Building pride and resilience through a national lesbian festival in Namibia,
Namibia – ZAR200,000

Mosu / Umbrella Tree Grants: ZAR2,600,000
Gender DynamiX: Trans advocacy,
Cape Town – ZAR500,000

Out in Africa: Film Festival,
Johannesburg – ZAR500,000

Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA): Core support,
Johannesburg – ZAR500,000

Limpopo LGBTI Proudly Out: Core support,
Limpopo – ZAR50,000

Eastern Cape LGBTI Organization: Core support,
Port Elizabeth – ZAR100,000

Trans and Intersex Africa: Core support,
Pretoria – ZAR50,000


Gender Dynamix: Core support,
Cape Town – ZAR300,000

The Inner Circle: Addressing discrimination against the Muslim transgender community in SA,
Cape Town – ZAR300,000

Forum for the Empowerment of People: Core support,
Johannesburg – ZAR300,000


Thematic Grants: ZAR1,214,100


KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council: Addressing sexual and gender based violence: Community Dialogues on Sexuality,
South Africa – ZAR200,000

Forum for the Empowerment of Women: SOWETO Pride 2015,
South Africa – ZAR20,000

Ujamaa Centre, University of KwaZulu-Natal: Eudy Simelane Project & Memorial Lecture,
South Africa – ZAR131,000

M&G Media Limited/ Mail & Guardian Newspaper: LGBTI Fellowship,
South Africa – ZAR300,000

Access Chapter 2: Feather Award Grant – General Support Grant,
South Africa – ZAR50,000


City Press: Series of Feature Articles,
South Africa – ZAR300,000

Jacana Literary Foundation: Gerald Kraak Anthology and Award,
South Africa – ZAR213,100

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