2014 unfortunately saw the last Out in Africa gay and lesbian film festival in South Africa – even with support from the Other Foundation. As a result of the changing arts and media environment and shifting patterns of community support for the festival, Out in Africa has had to adapt its strategies to achieve its mission. The Other Foundation therefore supported Out in Africa to be resilient in this changing environment.

In addition to supporting the 2014 film festival, the Foundation supported Out in Africa to produce the first ever full-length feature film on gay and lesbian life in South Africa. While You Were Not Looking tells the story of a cross section of Cape Town based queers, with themes on lost love, same-sex marriage and adoption, mixed-race relationships and the pursuit of happiness in post apartheid South Africa. It’s already made the official 2015 selection of two international film festivals – the 18. Pink Apple Film Festival and the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

With the help of a R500,000 grant from the Foundation, the film was completed in 2015 and two main Out in Africa film festival events were held in 2014 – in Johannesburg in May and in Cape Town in November. In addition, eight satellite screenings were held in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho.

Click here to watch the trailer of While You Were Not Looking.

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