When the Other Foundation was formally established in 2013 a five-year strategic plan was collaboratively developed in the same year with activists with a framework that included supporting, deepening, expanding, and sustaining the growing LGBTI movement in Southern Africa. In 2019, we began an evaluation of the work of our foundation as guided by this five-year strategic plan and the results are now available.

Over the past year, independent external evaluators have appraised our work focusing on both internal and external factors that help and hinder the implementation of our strategy. A cross-section of our stakeholders from grant partners, strategic partners, donor partners, team members, and both past and present trustees participated. As part of this process, our evaluators conducted a public perception survey via Facebook. 

The results of the public survey are available here, and those of the organizational evaluation are available here.

We wish to thank you for your feedback. It is invaluable in enabling us to become and evolve into and organization that is ready to create meaningful impact in this new decade and the future.

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